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George - Bill Wise

Life in the sex toy industry isn’t always unbridled pleasure for this high-strung, temperamental Operations Manager when he's forced to deal day-to-day with hapless underlings like Jeffrey and Otto, whose incompetence he's convinced will take down the company.

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Jeffrey - Joel Watts

On the one hand a hopeless romantic, on the other a brainy intellectual, Jeffrey is struggling not only to find love but to figure out how a sexually inexperienced guy has a chance of surviving in the uninhibited world of the sex industry.

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Genevieve - Jenny Marie Jemison

The office cleaning lady, kind and down-to-earth, Genevieve unwittingly becomes Jeffrey's muse and soon finds herself not only the subject of a Fleshlight video campaign, but the object of all Jeffrey's romantic hopes and dreams.

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Jimmy Gonzales

A modern-day Don Juan (in his own mind), Otto meets his match when he tries to win the heart of an ambitious lingerie model. For the first time in his professional life as a sex toy developer, this over-confident, over-sexed Lothario will have to think with his brain, not his penis.

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